Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Friday girls have been shopping and cleaning and seriously getting ready for our December sale. It’s been a lot of work and absolute fun getting to this sale but I’m really ready to make some money. I have a bunch of pictures for you to enjoy. If you are interested in attending our sale the first week end of December you my email me for more information at …


More pictures
More Pictures

Kim is priceing our beautiful finds and as you can see simply enjoying the thought of making a little money off a our hobby.

Happy Birthday Nicholas

Happy Birthday to Nicholas!

On November 6, 2000 my life changed forever. I became the Aunt to one of the most wonderful young men I have ever known. Nicholas turns the big seven today. My little nephew is a handsome, smart, energetic, very strong, and athletic seven years old. He has the warmest smile and never fails to have a hug for his Aunt Julia. Today is your day Nicholas , enjoy it and Happy Birthday form Aunt Julia, Uncle Donnie, Josh, Aaron and Calum. We love you.
I made you a ciber cake