Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A day in the life of Christopher

Christopher arrives at Nana's home at around 6:30 am
He watches his favorite cartoons before his morning napLunch time
Christoper is 4 1/2 months old
and just started getting a taste
of his first fruits.
He loves them just like his daddy did.


Mommy comes home for lunch to play with me
I love this time!
Christopher says
" I know my bib says Single but I'm taken"
Nap time after Mommy leaves for work
That's his favorite nap time toy Dinomight
After dinner and everyone is doing their thing...
computer time, tv time, homework what ever....
I get a bath
Watch the camra Nana,
I dont want anything to show that shouldnt
A baby lotion massage and clean dippar
and then off to bed

Good Night

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Football Season Has Started

We went to Dickenson Texas this weekend for Calum’s football scrimmages.
His team played against 6 different teams and the Knights did an awesome job. Calum is a senior this year and everything he does, seems to make me cry. All I can think about is this is the last time this will happen for us.
Silly me…
I even cried while I felled out all the school papers, yes those dreaded yearly papers that I used to hate felling out. I can tell this will be a year filled with tears and laughter, in 9 months Donnie and I will be empty nesters.
Here are a few pictures of the scrimmages...
I took 375 pictures LOL
Calum is # 1
He is wearing #22 in blue

Touch Down!!!!! Calum #22That's the smile of success
Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate
It was very HOT

Calum is on the bottom of the pile
He is the one with the ankle brace
That's the leg he broke 2 years ago in pole volting

My Baby

Truly Blessed

Monday, August 17, 2009

Nana's little Sweetie

I just had to show you guys the latest
pictures of my sweet Grandson
Grandpa's little rider

Monday, August 10, 2009

Girls Night Out

Three of the girls in our family have August birthdays...
My Mom- 3rd.
My sister Yvette -4th.
My sweet Grandma Pearl Lee {she is in heaven}on 14th
And little old me 30th
We celebrated our birthdays together this year at
Trulucyk's Restaurant in Austin.
My sweet little sister Anna and darling niece Emma joined us as well.Yvette and her daughter Emma
{Sweet Momma}

Emma and Anna

I'm sorry that the photos are so grainy...
it was very dark in the restaurant and I didn't want to use the flash
" Where is the photo of you, Julia?"
you ask
I'm behind the BUTTER

This is a picture of my appetizer
ONE Oyster

The water was served in a pretty bottle

This was Moms meal
The Pontchartrain

We had a very sweet Server
Mother and Daughter
For Dessert we shared the Chocolate Bag
filled with creamy gooe and fruitThe restaurant gave the birthday girls
a beautiful chocolate tart and a card signed by the whole staff

A good time was had by All
I am so lucky to be in the company of such
Beautiful Lady's
Happy Birthday to