Sunday, May 18, 2008

Is Anybody Out there?

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We have a new Graduate in the family!!!
We had a wounderful day
It started with a Mass in honor of the Class of 2008,
their last flag rasing and a parade around the school
I have lots of pictures to share with you so I'll let them tell the story
The whole school hugs and congratulates the students

After Mass the Grads have a parade , circling the school three times
Aaron always seems to have his toung out for some reason
Aaron and the pretty girls
Class of 2008

Decorating at the hall, that's my job

It was so much fun laying out all of Aaron's memories

Dads getting a little teary eyedHere He comes,
he's moving so fast you couldnt get a clear pictureYes!!

He couldnt get out of there fast enough
Here are some pictures of the party
Mom and Me Friends

Chad Aaron Joe
Life Long Friends

Josh and Ethan

Brothers I think he is getting tried of all the pictures
Sorry this one is side ways, it was to big for the format
Granny Annie and Grandpa Mario

Aaron with Grandpa Cookie and Grandma

Aunt Anna and Aaron Gift from Grandma

It seems that we just simply cant
behave long enough for a good faimly picture

The End