Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some where in my heart I have always know that this day would come sooner or later.
My dear husband tolled me {very sweetly} that one day, one of our sons would call to tell us that he wouldn’t be coming home for Christmas. Well…. that day has finely arrived. Our oldest son {22 years old} called his DAD to let us know that he was on call (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas) and wasn’t going to be able to come home for the festivities.
He asked if Dad would break the news to me.
I think my dear hubby was scared of what my reaction would be to the news, soooo he just blurted it out, matter of factly and jumped back a step to brace him self for my reaction. I took the news pretty will, if I say so myself. I went into an automatic shut down and complete denial of the fact that we wouldn’t all be together for Christmas.
Then I began to cry, pray, worry, and plan on how I could change the date of Christmas to suit my family. This was two months ago and nothing has changed, my son still has to work and Christmas is still on the 25th.
I know I’m certainly not the first Mother to be with out her children on Christmas. I tried to tell my self, just think of all the mothers that have children in Baghdad and other services to our country. Imagine your child some place where there isn’t a Christmas tree or special dinner or Church services on Christmas Eve. My sweet little brother is spending his 3rd Christmas in Iraq; the oldest son of my best friend was in Iraq last year and will be in South Africa this year. I mustn’t forget, my sister’s boyfriend is in Kuwait and they will be spending their first Christmas on the internet writing love letters to one another. There are hundreds of thousands of parents that will not be spending the Holiday with their children.
ABC News stated that “The soldiers in the division motor pool of the First Cavalry Division in Camp Liberty have a mission in Iraq -- even on Christmas Day.
"We try and keep the Christmas spirit up as much as we can," PFC Mike Grocke, a mechanic in the division motor pool, told "Good Morning America." Grocke is not tall, but his friends call him "Boulder," and he knows about trucks.
At home in Fort Hood, Texas, his wife Stacey and 2-year-old son Chase are waiting for him to return.
"It stinks. I would like to be there -- watch my son open up his presents," Grocke said. "I'd like to be there with my wife, but I gotta do what I gotta do."
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After praying and then realizing that my prayers have already been answered. I’m thankful that my children are safe and healthy as will as and more importantly SAVED! The Sprit of Christmas is in my children’s souls.
We are getting together with all our sons a few days before Christmas.
This post goes out to all the families that can not be together for the Holidays. I also want to send a special prey for my sister Anna. The next Christmas she shares with her sweet little angel Ava will be at the table God prepared for them.
Baby Ava Loaned to us by the Lord on 1/26/04 Went to Heaven on 10/5/04
God Bless Everyone

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