Friday, November 5, 2010



Sister's Weekend and Halloween

My sweet Sisters and I got together this
weekend for our yearly....

Sisters Weekend

Its something that we try to do every year to make
sure we stay in touch with each others lives

We have had really wonderful weekends in the past
and this one was one of the best

I feel so blessed to have them in my life
and thank God for our beautiful relationship

Here are some pictures from the get together

We ate junk food and watched alot of TV

 YUMMY Hot Wings and Pizza
 World Series
 The next day we went to watch Nicky play his little World Series
 We ended the weekend with Trick or Treat
This is my sweetest niece Emma
She is going to be a Diva
or something like

 Ethan is 10 and almost to old to dress up...
at lest that's what he thinks anyway
He dressed up in his paint ball stuff and then didn't
feel right going up to the doors.... so he was Emma's body guard

 Hot Stuff

Shes a Diva
 This is my Grandson Christopher in his pumpkin costume

 These pictures or a little blurry but Christopher was so excited about all that candy

   Sooooo Sweet

What a treat