Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This is just a quick up date on my youngest sons DR trip
We arrived at the school at 2:45 am.
Surprisingly everyone had smiles on their sleepy faces

We convoyed to the air port for a 5:00 flight

This is my sons first long distance Mission trip with out us, and I was a little envious
He has been spiritually preparing for this trip for months and I feel there is no better young man for the job. My prayer for him is that God uses him to share his word and love for all
God's people

This is my last hug before he is on his on



Lighten Up

Its about time, I know Right? Blessed

Happenings Around Here

Bedroom decorating
Discovering my new style isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I'm trying to keep things very simple and remember that less is more. Not easy for some one who has always believed that three or more of everything is best. Here is a looksy at what I've done so far.
I painted my bed side lamps white. I think they need new shades but I'm trying not to spend any money on decorating .
Every since I gave up spending money on magazines I make a weekly trip to Good Will Books and pick up someone elses give aways for only .25

Trying to keep in line with the "beachy style"
New certins from Lowes

Nanas conner for Christapher