Thursday, January 14, 2010

The First Of Meny

Bloody Lips

I have had my fare share of
 little boys with bloody lips

 I always keep pop cicles handy

Their good for meny meny things


Smarty Pants...

He knows when I get the camra out....
its time to close his eyes.

P.S. Aaron looks sooo much like my Daddy...hehehe

My Little Cookie Monster

There is no place like Grandmas house....


I know what your thinking...
That's not a homemade cookie...
Well ...
I'm not the one who bakes around here
 and Popo was at work
so these
store bought cookies had to do

"Wow .. my hand is really sticky"

It really is true!
When you become a Grandma
Sticky fingers aren't so bad.

There's nothng a bubble bath can't clean up

I am blessed