Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Over nite with Nana and Popo

Hi Friends

Sorry about the dry spell but its been very busy around here. We had our grandson Christopher stay with us for a few day…OMG…what a joy!! It was our first time to have him stay over night. He is almost two years old and super cute!! We did every thing we  could cram into four days. Playing in the sand…riding in the red wagon…fishing…coloring…patty cake….baking cookies with Popo…singing…playing air guitar…peek a boo….hide and seek….and a little shopping. OOooo I mustn’t forget we watch his fav movie at least 6 times….Nemo. Love that fish. Here are a few pictures of our time together. I hope you enjoy.

 See what I mean...isn't he the cutest ?
 Let ME do it Popo!!!

We did alot in one day

 There was NO cleaning house while my sweeitie was with us....see the art work on the coffee table?

 Those are plasitc worms for fishing.

 It was a stand off between the boy and the bird
 I was going to take this bird down if he got any closer to my little man
They have been know to bite

 He see's a big boat
 Christophers first FISH
I think we had stake for dinner.lol

The time together just went to fast...we cant wait for the next visit