Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Prayers Please

I got a call from Calum's teacher today. She was just calling to let me know that Calum was not feeling good today. He has the stomach virus and went home to sleep it off. She said that if I wanted to call him to talk to him for my self I could. Everything in me wanted to do just that, but I know my son, if he was really sick and needed to speak to me he would call home. Its really hard to admit that he is growing up and can take care of himself, I know he is in Gods hands. Here are some of the pictures from Myface that they have posted for us to enjoy.
Calum is the one with the suit case in his arms.

Childern form the school that Calum has been teaching at.

Sunday after church the kids got to go to the beach

Please pray for my sweet little boy to get better so he can continue to do Gods work in the DR