Sunday, March 30, 2008

A good Sunday mornin to ya friends

I hope the week end unfolded beautifully for ya
A lota R&R for me and mine, here in Port O
And some good eatin...of course

We didn’t take the boat out yesterday because the threat of rain

however that might change today looks like sunshine
Everything looks fresh and springy around here

I just could not waste the day working and tending

to the things that needs to be done

However my dearist just can set still

I took time to smell the flowers, read and of course sleep

These little cutes have replaced my badly worn out house shoes for the summer

Their made of soft rubber and are so comfy

they match everything I own
We’re on our way out for breakfast now so I’ll post more later.
Hope you have a sunny Sunday.

Love Julia

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hi Girlfriend
For my 100 post I wanted to do something really special,
after thinking about it for a while I realized that
I don’t really have anything special to say
I also realized that I don't recognize my self anymore.
Being a busy Mom of teenage boys and devoted wife
I seem to have lost my self along the way.
Its no ones fault but my own but I seem to give my all
to what ever comes along my path.
Most of the journeys that I have experienced lately
are result of family life and not journeys I have chosen for my self.
Come to think of it I haven’t chosen anything for my self lately
To spare my loved ones feeling
this is no ones fault but my own.
Maybe it’s the on sit of a new season that makes me feel like
cleaning out the old and bring in the new and fresh.
I’m not talking about my closet, however I did clean out my closet yesterday.
To my dismay, after weeding though and throwing out
what does not fit, out of style, or simply what was I thinking, peaces
I found my closet was completely empty.
That is how I am feeling today
This is not a bad thing!!
To me this means I get to fell up on thing I like and
things I choose to put into my life and nothing less will do.
Now the work begins
What makes me truly happy?
What challenges me to be the best I can be?
What makes me feel good about myself?
What are my passions in life?
What is the one most important thing
to accomplish in this season of my life?
I hope this post has not turned into a depressing one
because that was not my mission at all.
I hope the next 100 post will be a personal mission of self discovery.
If any of you Girlfriends have ever felt this way
or are in the middle of a new self discovery
please comment back with any good idles of where to BEGAN.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


My new favorite TV show
Our oldest son borrowed us the Season 1 of Heroes
It’s Fantastic!!!
I don’t usually enjoy this kind of stuff you know…. Action heroes… save the world kind of stuff. However this series is really very good. I was glued to the tube. I can’t wait for season 2
Thanks Josh for turning us on the HEROES
Tell me has any one heard of a mother dying of gray hair and winkles?
Just stay tuned!!
It seems like all the really stressful stuff hits me all at once
My Son the SENOR asked me
yes I said "asked ME"
That's because Dad always says NO, no matter what
I guess Dad figures that's the safest answer
when it comes to THE SENIOR any way the
THE SENOR asked me if he could please please please go to the beach with some friends for a few day over spring break. I tried to act like I didn't hear him by not answering when that didn't work I then tried to tellaport to a early time in history you know like on the TV series Heroes. Finely when that attempt failed me I said Yes........if you could get me the names of all the people going and their parents phone numbers... The room number along with the name and phone number of the place you will be staying ... The drivers insurance card number and expiration date....Call me when you get there and before you leave the room .... before you go to bed.... when you wake up .... and on your way home....and every 2 hours....
By this time THE SENOR had taken a pen and paper out and started wright all the instructions down and nodding his head like
one hour later he had comprised a list of all my requests and more.
Sooooo..... I tolled him....You needed to ask your father
Guess what?
Dad had a list of his own..... Again ...... NO PROBLEM DAD
Dads list...
mow the yard .... wash the truck.... take the trash out ...... clean you room.....
build a boat
{ I just add the last one}
Needless to say THE SENOR is at the beach as I wright.
I had the talk about being careful you know.... Don't drink....don't ride with anyone that is out for drunk drivers....look both ways before crossing the street.....take a bath at least once.....and some other things I don't care to share.
Did I mention that he's only 18 years old?
Good news THE SENOR called me when he got there to say HI MOM I'M HERE.. GOTTA GO.. LOVE YA ..BUY.... I talked for about 2 minutes
before I realized he was already gone
2 hours later THE SENOR called again to say HI MOM WE ARE ALL HAVING A GREAT TIME AND YES WE'ER BEING SAFE... I'M GOING DOWN TO THE BEACH TO PLAY THE GUITAR WITH SOME NEW FRIENDS.. LOVE YA BUY.....once again, I talked for about 2 minutes only to realize he was already gone
At least he called.......RIGHT?
Other new's at the Klesel House
THE BABY got his cast off today.
The docter said the leg is healing very will
and he can try to walk on it and do some streches
No walking wrap to protect it form anything!!!!
however..... THE BABY is very carefull and proctetive of his leg....
so I guess it will be okay
So again I ask....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Planting and Sew Friendships

Good Monday to all
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend
Our week end was filled with planning gardens and searching for new beginnings
Saturday the hubby and I went searching for a lot to plant our new roots
In other words we where looking for a lot for our new home site
No luck yet with this project but we will keep looking for just the right place
to spend the next 8 years or so before packing up for Port O Conner for good
This is the area we are looking into for our new home
Sunday, the Handyman and I tilled a garden for Kim and her first garden adventure
I’m looking forward to the up coming salads and veggies this garden will harvest
Ground Braking
The soil is very rich so the plants should do well
We also salvaged a very unique peace of wood from an old barn we just sold
The plan is to use this peace for a bench in POC
this thingy goes to the table
I decided to use this huge wooden box for a sitting area or maybe an out door coffee table
I’m thinking about cleaning it up and staining it with a light blue white wash
more intresting things found in the barn
Later we hoped on the bike and headed for Houston to look at a few travel trailers
We plan on living in a trailer while building our new home
I just can’t let myself spend 10,000 in rent, so we decided to buy a travel trailer and go on a 8 month camping trip with our two teenage boys to save the money
we will sell the trailer afterwards and be out very little money
This ought to make for some interesting blog posts
We have done this before 15 years ago, when we built the home we live in now
The only difference was we had three boy and they where very little at time
After looking at the trailers we meet up with some friends, Mark and Debbie
They treated us to refreshments and good conversation {Thanks guys}
I’m glad I packed my chaps and a warm jacket because it got pretty chilly on the way home
We had a pretty full weekend and even got a chance to spend some time
with friends and family along the way
Hope yours was fruitful as will.

Friday, March 14, 2008


What a beautiful day!!!!
It feels like spring, I love the smell of freshly cut GRASS and the sweet aromas of all the newly budded FLOWERS. The Friday girls spent the day hunting for vintage finds and later ate lunch in Fayetteville Texas. These are some beautiful shots of the spring FLOWERS to be picked at Jean's Joy in Fayetteville.
I think its time to shave my legs and pull out the short shorts. Hehehe No really , if I plan on wearing anything above the knee I better get my tennis shoes dusted off and get busy.

Hope you have a dreamy week end filled with Pleasantries and small joys every where you look.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Little Somthing Just For Me

Things I like about myself
I’m comfortable in my own skin
My feet { a little cubby }
My hair with a good cut
My laugh
My passionate love for my family
My way of letting {IT} go
The way I can embellish a simple story
My since of humor
The way the littlest things can make me happy
The way I can dig to the bottom of a box for the best find at a garage sale
My handwriting
My nesting ability
The way I can make a great sandwich and salad at home

My Sweet Iced Mint Tea

To Do List For Today

{ In My Dreams }

Sleep Late
Enjoy my sweet creamy coffee on the porch
Surf the web
Play PoGo

Lunch at Kathy’s
After Lunch
Unload boxes form truck
Clean truck out
Spray weeds on the drive way
Pull weeds in flower beds
Surf the web
Call my Aunt Alma in California
Dinner at Kathy’s
Unpack some boxes
Watch TV
Stay up way tooo late