Monday, March 17, 2008

Planting and Sew Friendships

Good Monday to all
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend
Our week end was filled with planning gardens and searching for new beginnings
Saturday the hubby and I went searching for a lot to plant our new roots
In other words we where looking for a lot for our new home site
No luck yet with this project but we will keep looking for just the right place
to spend the next 8 years or so before packing up for Port O Conner for good
This is the area we are looking into for our new home
Sunday, the Handyman and I tilled a garden for Kim and her first garden adventure
I’m looking forward to the up coming salads and veggies this garden will harvest
Ground Braking
The soil is very rich so the plants should do well
We also salvaged a very unique peace of wood from an old barn we just sold
The plan is to use this peace for a bench in POC
this thingy goes to the table
I decided to use this huge wooden box for a sitting area or maybe an out door coffee table
I’m thinking about cleaning it up and staining it with a light blue white wash
more intresting things found in the barn
Later we hoped on the bike and headed for Houston to look at a few travel trailers
We plan on living in a trailer while building our new home
I just can’t let myself spend 10,000 in rent, so we decided to buy a travel trailer and go on a 8 month camping trip with our two teenage boys to save the money
we will sell the trailer afterwards and be out very little money
This ought to make for some interesting blog posts
We have done this before 15 years ago, when we built the home we live in now
The only difference was we had three boy and they where very little at time
After looking at the trailers we meet up with some friends, Mark and Debbie
They treated us to refreshments and good conversation {Thanks guys}
I’m glad I packed my chaps and a warm jacket because it got pretty chilly on the way home
We had a pretty full weekend and even got a chance to spend some time
with friends and family along the way
Hope yours was fruitful as will.