Monday, July 27, 2009

Fabulous Finds

5.00 each

Yes I did the Dance

I cant believe it...
I finally broke down and got my self some crocs.
I broke my toe ....
... three times in one year
and it just doesn't want to heal
my doctor put a mini cast on the toe
and tolled me to get some crocs
to protect my tootsie's from accidents.
Anyone that knows me
knows that I love shoes!
Pretty shoes.
It took me three trips to the store
to actually buy them.
Lets just say, they arent the quietest shoes I own
but they are cumpffy.

Meet the new member of the family

Aaron came home with this very sick kitty and asked " Can I keep her?"
Aaron rescued Maximus from a very hot motor of a car. The car was parked in front of Smokey Moe's Bar B Q place where he works. The little kitty was barely alive when Aaron brought him home. Yes I said "Him" ... she is a he. Anyway I couldn't say no however Dad still says no even while he is sleeping on the sofa with Max in his arms. Max's whiskers where burned off in the heat,
but other than that he is all better