Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Items for sale

Here are a few new piece of jewelry to share with you
I hope you enjoy
If you would like to make one of these beauty's your own
just leave me a comment with your email address
remember to give me the number of the piece your interested in
{ Shipping is not included sorry no shipping out side the US }
Soft Green / Sea Foam Glass
This is a uncommon color of sea glass.
Chances of finding pieces of this color run
about one for every 50 to 100 pieces found.
( ref. Pure Sea Glass By Richard La Motte )
I found this beautiful piece of sea glass while on vacation in the Bahamas
Its hand wrapped in sterling silver
It is a little over 2 in. long and 1 in. wide











Golden Amber/ Sea Glass
This beautiful piece is about
2 in. long and 1 in. wide
This is the most rare hue in the family of brown colors
The chances of finding golden-amber shards
are as high as one for every 25 to 50 pieces found.
{referenced from Pure Sea Glass by Richard LaMotte}
I hand wrapped this piece in fine sterling silver
Cobalt Blue/Sea Glass
This glass is considered to be very rare
The hunter may only find one piece for every 200 collected.
measures about 1 in. long and 1/2 in wide
It is hand wrapped in sterling silver


I hope you found something you just can't live without
If not please keep checking back for new piece
Simply Blessed

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Take a look at the beast that lark
on the highway going to
Port O Connor Texas
This alligator was about 5 feet long...
found just out side of the city limits
As I was taking pictures my dear husband yells


I love alligator shoes....
but I don't mind paying for them

He was real smart and got out of my way
after all I have been on a shoe buy frinzie lately

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fun at the park with Christopher

Christopher looks so much like his Dad

I know ...
this is alot of pictures of the same kiddo...
he is the only one I have...LOL


Sorry..I wasn't planning on getting picture taken..
There really isn't a softer place
Grandma's lap
It's nap time

Uncle Aaron spends time with Christopher
He likes to read, just like his Mommy

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here is a sneak peek at my newest creations
Jewels from the Sea
designed and handcrafted
by Julia


Sterling silver and hand pick sea glass for the Bahamas



Okay .... my son took these pictures of me
and lets just say he got a little carried away
Yes....I was having
a little fun myself

I had enough...but Calum wouldn't quit
Okay...Sweetie that's enough

I see how this going

Give my that camera

I mean it......give me that camrea
Give me the @#$$()&^^%^$!@@# CAMREA