Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On morning like this I really miss morning coffee with Kim
We would enjoy some creamy coffee over lest an hour of conversation
I have so many good ideas about the new house Id like to share with her
I guess that will be in my next posts.
Any way I'm sending this award out to Kim at
If any of you out there want to share this award with your "coffee mate"
feel free to copy and paste.

Blessed Julia

We're Moving

Some of you already know...
but for those of you that don't ...
We're moving!
Yes we are getting out of the apartment!
Thank God!
Its been a long 8 months in an apartment and I cant take any more.
We found a quite little house in a great neighborhood.
Its even 200.00 less than what we are paying now.
We are still renting but with this economy
we just don't want to take any chances. Yada is happy .. she gets her own place as well

DH is checking if everything is in working order

{ Sorry Chip for not cropping your butt out of this pic,
But dont worry you have a nice behind and no one will even notice}
This little corner is in our bedroom...
I think I'll make it mine

I love this pantry...
The one we have right now is the size of a cereal box

We have never had a fire place before
I hope we still have a few cooler days to enjoy it
Its a gas fire place so no cleaning and buying fire wood.
Ya Me
We also have a two car garage
No more fighting for a good parking place
and lugging my groceries from a mile away.
This is a empty canvas for me and I cant wait to start decorating.

New Car

This announcement is over due and I know Grandma and Grandpa want to see Josh and Leigh's new car so here it is. The kids finally got a new car ... no more taking the bus.
Its a Jeep... sorry, I don't know any more than that about the car
... I'm not go with that kind of stuff, all I know is its a pretty color

Keys of her own

The happy couple
They waited long enough
This picture was taken a few weeks ago so the baby bump
is quit abit bigger now . Leigh is feel pretty good and the count down is on!
65 more days!!