Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Free Stuff

Hello there Friends. I hope you have been doing well? I've been keeping very busy these days with crafting. I'm making most of our Christmas gifts this year and its been alot of fun personalizing all of my loved ones gifts. That's not what I really wanted to tell you about in this blog. I wanted to share with you my deal for the week. I finely cashed in my tickets from my Speedy Stop card. Its a little card you can swipe after each purchase and earn points for free stuff. Here in POC , Speedy Stop is called our Mall, Grocery Store, Pharmacy, Clothing store, Ice house, Beer run, Pizza place, and all around one stop shop. When I say to my husband that I'm going to town , he knows I mean I'm going the Post Office and Speedy Stop. I got 8 bags of nuts, three 1 liter bottles of Ozarka water, one 32 oz fountain drink and $7.00 credit towards gas or food. AWESOME! I know I had to probably spend 7 billion dollars to get this stuff but at least I got something back Right?
Seven dollars is alot of cash ... it can buy one 1/2 gallon of Blue Bell Ice cream at Speedy Stop and you can bet I'm going to swipe my card.

What do you think of my beautiful gift from my sweet friend Kim?
She knows me so well. I love it Kim... Thank you.

These are some of the things I'm working on in the studio

Will that's it for now, I'm off to my crafting.