Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Weekend in Schulenburg

We went to Schulenburg last weekend for the Lewis & Rosa Herzik family reunion.
It was Great Grandma Klesel's first time to see baby Christopher.
It was love at first sight. Aunt Patsy said she was living the grandma experience vicariously though me...
after all Josh was like her and Uncle Donnie's adopted son after he left home. We tryed to keep Christopher awake so that he would sleep better at night
13 days old
This is his kissy face
peek a boo
I see you
Here are some pics of the great snacks Aunt Patsy laid out for us This stuf was delish!!!Great Grandma Klesel popped this beautiful pie in the oven for the reunion
Can you smell it??
Do I smell food??

Would you just look at my grandson the genius
Two weeks old and he can hold his own bottle

Thats the smile of a full belly
Clean dipar and full belly...
Now its time for alittle Grandpa time
Give me that baby!!
This is my blog and I want to show everyone how much I love my little sweetie I think he looks a little like me but pretter
I'm Blessed