Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day Of School

I was checking my face book yesterday morning like I do every day and found it was the first day of school for many of my friends. While I sipped my coffee I enjoyed looking at all the children getting ready for the first day of school throw the eyes of their mommy’s cameras. A sudden sadness fall over me, I realized this was my first time in 22 years to not send a boy off to school. I couldn’t help but remember the many new backpacks, tennis shoes, haircuts and by the way the hair will never look as good as it does on the first day of school…. lol

My DH was feeling my pain and said….”Let’s get out of here” We went to Port A to visit a friend and then off to Corpus Christi for a little shopping and then back to Port A for dinner on the water.

I have the best Husband!

Awesome full Moon

I think I’m going to like this empty nesting stuff
Best wishes