Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh!!

I'm alittle late on this but ....better late than never right?
Happy Birthday Josh!!
We had a nice birthday dinner for Joshua's 23rd birthday on the 24th. He order his favorite foods
Fried Chicken
Twice Baked Potatoes
Fried Okra
Sweet Corn
Thress Licha Cake
We also took a trip to POC for the weekend

One big candle... the cake wasn't big enough for 23 candles
The beach was beautiful .... no evidence of the storm doing any damage

Little Yada love a cool swim

We found over 200 sanddollars and lots of change ( broken sanddollars)

Father and Sons talk

I have two apothecary jars one for the broken sanddollars
and one for the holes ones

All I need is a little nap

It is just Fab what a nap can do for yaIts time to head home
First one home gets to take a shower first

All in all it was a wonderful week end
Blessed and Loved

Friday, July 25, 2008

One day last week

One day last week I made the Babys favorite dinner, will one of his many favorite dinners anyway. I took some pictures and forgot all about them. Will here they are. I don't have a actual recipe but I can tell you how I put it all together.
Line your pan with foil , season chicken legs
with lemon pepper and salt and paper.Bake for about 20 min. at around 350
Pour off excess fat
I saute onion and butter until tender...add ketchup, lemon,some seasonings a little sugar and stake sauce. Dip the legs and put back in to the oven for about 45min. Just before serving I turn the heat up to around 450 to get that dark brown look.

Pan fried potatoes with green onion
I boil the potatoes for about 15 min before frying them

I hope you give this chicken a try....The kids love it!!

Love Julia

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I have some good pics from Sunday. DH and I along with the boys ,went to Church and had lunch afterwards. I also invited my Sister and her MF( man friend ) and Nicky, my sweet little man for lunch and a swim. We all enjoyed some homemade soup and sandwich's....complements of my DH. It was wonderful to have everyone over...It was a great end to a good week.

There is always music when the boys around

Little Yada loves to watch the show

The boys where realy enjoying just being together

I feel so blessed that they are so close

They were playing some kind of game where you have to guess what the other is saying under water...If you get it worng you get a punch in the arm.

My little man Nicky with his Uncle ...My DH

Father and Son having alittle fun

Looks like they are danceing

Some how the tables always turn on Dear Old Dad

Thats enough till next time

Love Julia

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thank God Its Sunday

Its been a long week and its about to come to a sweet end, before I lay my head down to sleep the night away I thought I would check in with you guys. I hope you had a great week and a beautiful ending. My week was very busy. My BF'S came to visit me this week and I think we went to every Good Will in town. We shared a little good food and alota laughs. I have a few pics of the their visit for you to enjoy. The pretty roses are from HEB, I got some good shots before the HEB SECRET SERVICE asked me to put my camera away. I thought It was a joke but the man was very serous when he said "Put the camera down" When I tolled him I was sorry but I didn't know that it was against the rules to take pictures of the flowers, I went on to tell him that I didn't have enough money to buy them so I thought I would take some pictures. I wasn't impressed.

Will thats all for now
LOve Julia