Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I know..... I know.....
I'm finally back, its been a great Christmas season but I'm glad to be home and behind my PC again. I hope all of you had a blessed Christmas and enjoyed your family as much as I did. I have alot of wonderful pictures of our time together and would like to share some of them with you guys. I picked out my most favorite pics.

Our sweet kiddo's invited Popo and Nana to stay at their home for Christmas Eve so we could wake up with them and share Santa with our grandson Christopher. Of course we couldn't wait for Christmas morning, we had to let Christopher open one box on the eve.

  Christopher LOVE's Siderman

 I think he is reading the instructions.lol

 That was the best 20 minutes ever

 Daughter like Mother


 Take a look at Popo's t-shirt...
He is the bestist Popo everrrrr

 This is what happens at around 2:00 pm
when you wake up at 6:00 am

 This will be me in 20 years....
Aaron and his Grandma

There was a burn ban in our county....
So this is what you do when you cant set off fireworks

 Santa arrived at around 8 in the evening....
funny thing .... all the men in the family really loved Santa...haha


Here is my gift to you
I hope you enjoy this
I did
I laughed until I peed

See what I mean. lolololol