Monday, March 2, 2009

A Special Hand Me Down

I finally finished painting our Grandson's little baby bed. This sweet little bed is a very special hand me down from Grandpa Herzik. My DH's Grandfather built 2 of these sweeties for him and his twin sister Debbie. The mattress's were special ordered just for these baby beds. The date on the mattress reads July 20, 1961. That make them almost 48 years old. All three of our Son's slept in this bed and now its time for our Grandson to have sweet dreams in the same bed that his Daddy and Grandfather did years ago.
I cant wait until He gets here
I almost cry every time I think about what its
going to be like to have a baby around againLove Nana
I friends,
I'm trying to keep true to the beachy feel around here
It's not easy because I have soooooooo much
Shabby Chic Pink Stuff
Here's a looksy of what I have going on
up until knowCoffee table

I have been collecting toys for our Grandson
He is due to arrive April 16
I think I need alot more toys
What do ya think?

Do you wanta know what's in that little basket?

Mini blueberry bagels

I still can not find my tea cups
This is my favorite blue vase

Well thats all for now
Love Julia