Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Why a pink cow head?
You ask
Will this pink cow head has a story of course. Last hunting season my DH came home with a gift just for me.
He tells me, Sweetie I have a surprise for you.
I couldn't wait what could it be maybe some beautifully hand crafted leather handbag from one of those South Texas leather craftsmen shops or it could be a torques necklace from a Mom and Pop rock shop.
Then I remembered, we are talking about my dear DH
I got realistic and thought may be it’s a beautiful rock that he hand picked just for me from the hunting trail or a transplanted purple sage bush.
He reached over the side of his very dirty truck and pulled out this dark gray, very dirty dead cow head. Handing it to me with this bright smile and great pride, it reminded me of one of our sons when they picked flowers (weeds) and said “I picked this for you Mommy”. I wasn’t disappointed just surprised. It took me a few days to get use to the fossil. I had to think of something to do with the cow head so that DH would know I was grateful and at the same time not quite sure why he thought of me when bring it home. Oh I didn’t mention that he found two of those beauties. I gave one of them to my Dad for his garden and painted the other one PINK.
Pink, for my garden.
If I am going to have a cow head laying around the yard it has to be PINK. When my DH laid eyes on that cow head he turned to me and said
How could you paint MY cow head Pink?
I simply said
“ I thought it was a gift to ME ?”

I’m just looking for something to do.
Here are some pictures form around the yard.

I'm looking forward to the up coming weekends that this table is full of family and friends eating a laughing.

I hoping you all had a wonderful weekend

God Bless