Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Burrrrrrrlap And The Blues

Hi Friends,

I hope you have been  staying warm and cozy on this chilly day.
I've clean out the last two closets in the house and played my fare share of farmvill.
I was thinking about getting my jewelery stuff out and creating something marvelous
but I'm more in the mood to just watch tv and sip on something warm.
My sweet friend at Simple Daisy has been crafting with burlap today and I thought I would show off my burlap lamp shade. Burrrrrrlap seems to be appropriate for the weather. LoL ok ...
I'm not a very good comedian.

Let me start with my sweet little blue side table. I finished it a few days ago and really wanted to share it with you but I have a warning for you fellow artisans.
When you have a project on hold for a long period of time, put your peaces and parts some where safe.
Somewhere that you wont forget where you put them!

 I asked my sweet hubby....
Me: Sweetie have you seen the cup with the hard ware for my side table any where?
DH: No
Me: Darn...I cant find it and I'm finely finished and I want to take pictures for my blog
DH: Where do you think they might be?
Me: I had them in the garage last
DH: Have you looked everywhere?
Me: Wellllll  HONEY...if I looked everywhere I would have found them ... I guess..
DH: I'm just trying to help.

Anyway here is the side table with out hard ware and my burlap lamp shade.

Sorry I don't have any beautiful sunshiny pictures to share with my friends in the Midwest.....
its 20 degrees here and very windy...
Toooo cold for a Texas girl