Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Matchmaker

Hello Friends,
My youngest son Calum is in Drama this year and has made his first appearance of the year in the play The Matchmaker. We went to the first showing on Friday and he was fabulous!! Okay I might be a little partial...being his Mom and all
but really!
he was the best performer on the stage.
Okay not really all the actors where wonderful and the play was really very good.
I cannt help myself.....
this is my blog and if I want to brag about my boys I can!!
Here are a few pictures of the play....
Not really... just pictures of Calum in the play.
Hope you enjoy.
Drama Department Presents....
The Matchmaker

A farce in four acts

by Thornton Wilder

Calum Klesel as Amborose Kemper

Amborse is a love sick artist wanting to run away with his bride and get married
Calum is the one with the hat