Sunday, January 27, 2008


Okay People this post might be a little unsettling for some however it is a special request from my dear hubby that I share with the world the ins and outs of making fresh pork and deer smoke sausage. I must say it is very tasty but what a person must go though to achieve the end results are pretty detailed. I say it took 4 days from start to finish to get the sausage in the freezer, on the other hand my husband would say its more of a journey from a life long learned technique.
Bla bla bla
Some of these pictures might be disturbing so please us caution.

To start with you must go out into the wild, where it’s to cold for any normal person to endure and set up camp a few yards away from where you have been putting out feed for months to stick your animal. I say STICK because I once made the mistake of saying CATCH when asking “What did you catch honey”
my man corrected me by saying
“I don’t wrestle the animal to the death, sweetie I stick them with my arrow”
I reply with
After the kill, he field dresses it and brings it home to prepare the meat for processing
This had to be done after the normal work day so, this is why it took us 4 days. Donnie doesn’t use any filler or preservatives, its all natural and smoked in our back yard and packaged in the garage.

1.Stick your animal
2.Dress the meat
3.Grind the meat
4.Season the meat
6.Hang in the smoker
7.Smoke for about 6 hours
8.Package sausage


two of these beautys {WILD HOG} and one {Deer}

Calum and Donnie stuffing the casing

Aaron and Donnie still stuffing

Can you tell my teenage sons are really enjoying themselves? he he he

My job is to tie all the ends

I think we'll be good on sausage for maybe six months
I cant wait for fishing season
I hope you learned a little about sausage making or at least have a greater understanding of why I am the way I am

Friday, January 25, 2008

Here's a peek at my Friday Finds
I'm sorry I must make this a short post tonight I'm totally exhausted and we are having Christmas at Donnie's Moms tomorrow. I need some sleep.

Good nigh and Sleep tight
Love Julia

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm so scared

Good evening everyone.
I am posting again today because I was watching a very very very scary movie
with my 16 year old son. I am so scared I cant even go pee by myself. I thought I better quite watching the movie and do something that doesn't give me night mares.
I got out of the house for while today and went down to the beach.
It was very cold and windy so I didn't stay long.
I took a few pictures of the things that caught my eye.
I 'm sorry the pictures are so dark,
I had the wrong settings on my camra
This my beach house


This is where I dock my boat


This is the hot spot in Port OThis is where me and my peeps hang out


Meet some of my Peeps

The Girls are a little shy

I guess that's all for the week end

Its late and I need to watch some HGTV to get that awful movie off my mind.