Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boux Goes Home

We Miss You Boux

Boux: Where are
we going Grandma?

Me: Will Boux....
I'm bring you home
to you
Mommy and Daddy.

Boux: No!
Please I don't
wanta go home

Me: I know ...
We had fun
but your Mommy
and Daddy miss
you very much.

Boux: They dooo?
I miss them tooo.
Boux: But Grandma....
I going to miss you and
Grandpa soooooo much..
....and I'm really really
really going to miss
Yackty and Yada alot

Me: I know baby

Boux: Can I come

back to visit?

Me: Any time baby


back at home

yackty: Mommy..

where is Boux?

Me: Boux had to go home sweetie

Yackty: No!!

Me: Oh sweetie....

Boux will come back

to visit real soon

Yackty: No I hate you!!!

Yackty: I'm going

stay right here and not

talk to you until you

bring Boux back

Yada: Hay Yackty.....

I'll let you know

when I see him

Yada: I don't

see him yet