Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 3 of Our Family Christmas

We spent the Sunday after Christmas at my Mother In-Laws. It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of great food. The only thing I cant figure out is I didn't seem to get one ... not one good picture. These pictures should be named the
Goober Family
We all look like Big Dorks
Okay this ones not so bad
All I want is one good picture...
But Noooo...
Aaron will make sure that doesn't happen

Here is the Goober Family getting ready to open their giftsLet's just say some of the gifts we received
were not what we thought they were.

My middle son Aaron hates to take pictures
He will do anything to make sure
that I don't get a good shot of him

I guess this is Aaron's sexy look
I wish he would just behave
Travis is trying to get Aaron to cooperate with me
and take just one good picture

I don't think it worked!
I tolled him...your going win the family DORK award

Ladies and Gentlemen
let me introduce you to the 2008 winner of the
Klesel Family Dork Award

Day 2 of Our Family Christmas

The Saturday after Christmas our family was in San Antonio.
Off to Grandpa's we went.
Granny Annie's Birthday was the 27th...
She had to put her glass's on to see if she was seeing things.
We put 35 on the cake instead of 53.

The guys enjoyed a game of horse shoes
We're crazy about our dogs
Broddy is Dads baby
PopCorn is Granny Annies baby
Oakly is my little sister Amber's baby
Dad's specialty is Bar B Q Brisket
Yes.. I'm the oldist...
there is 20 years between me and Amber
All the women in the family

Just look at that food

Me and My baby brother Chris
Father and Son
Joshua and Leigh
Mommy and Daddy to be Merry Christmas From the
Tavarez Family

Day One of Our Christmas

Happy New Year to all of you, I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday this year. Will its been a while since I've posted, there fore I have so much to share. I cant fit in all into just one post so I'll be giving you a little bit at a time. We spent Christmas Eve with Donnie's Mom and Christmas Day we went on to my Parents home for the rest of the day.
Yada was wearing her new coat and feeling pretty
Even though we where all tight for money
some how we managed to bring giftsMom always has a beautiful spread of yummies

My little Sister and her kiddos
always bake a birthday cake for Jesus

Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughters

Donnie made home-made stew for our Christmas Dinner
When it was time to eat,
everyone grabbed a seat where ever they could find one
Everyone was very happy with their gifts
[ I think Aaron loves the shirt]
Nick has the look of

This is Ethans look of
" O My Gosh"
After dark we sat by the fire
and the boys put on the fireworks show