Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Feel Pretty

I came across Deb’s place, you can find her at
She has a post “ I Feel Pretty” …
I thought it was a cute post about her relationship
with make up. I love make up sooo here is
My Love Affair with make up.
I’m not the kind of lady that can’t leave the house
with out my make on. I don’t wear it if I’m staying home.
You may not believe this after seeing
how much make up I have.
I grow up in a house with a Mom that truly
believed in taking care of her skin…
and she taught me and my two sisters very early…
Our bathroom was full of all kinds of girly things.
Masks, Make up of every color, lotions, treatments,
and don’t get me started on the hair products.
Let me just tell you that there are four of us girls
including my Mom and three of us are Cosmetologists.
Our bathroom was a play ground. LOL
My make up routine starts with a clean face and moisturizer.
I use Aloette skin care…believe me
I have used hundreds of brands and this one is my favorite.
I think starting with a good skin care line is key
to making your make up look its best.
I love the glominerals foundation!!
Next a little blush, lipstick, natural colored eye shadow,
eyeliner and mascara.
One of my favorite things in my make up case is
SONIA KASHUK eyebrow liner.
I get it form Target and I just can’t finish my make up with out it.

Draw # 1

A bit of every thing

Draw #2

I travel with this little school box

I have lipstick every where in the house.

Guess what? .... this is my week end house... you wouldn't believe my bathroom at home... and like I said I only wear make up about 4 days a week. LOL

Whats in you make up bag?