Friday, December 14, 2007

just a little something

I know this is my second post for today but I though I would share the joy. This is a little something spacial for Kim. Merry Christmas Friend!

Fun Friday

Like Kim said on her blog it was a nasty day but when with good company the atmosphere is always warm. The morning went by way to fast.
Here is Kim rummaging though the tops for the best pick and of course the best price 1.00I don't know who the lady is next to Kim, I assume she's just another happy shopper
Our lunch was delicious and satisfying. Here is a few pictures to wet your pallet.
Poblono Corn Chowder

Kim's birthday is next week so we gave her gifts early. We are all little girls when it comes to gift, Who wants to wait?

Here are my finds for today, not bad for 11.00

I got these tins for 25. each , they'll be perfect for my Homemade Crunch a Munch.
My finds for today were average but the hunt is always stimulating.
Hope you have a wonderful week end