Thursday, February 28, 2008

Back To School

It is a good morning!!!!!!
Both of my boys are off to school after one day shy of one month of recouping form broken bones and the flu. I pray that all goes will for them today. Its been a long month

Monday, February 25, 2008

Guess Who?????

Hi everyone, I know I know.... I’ve been out of pocket for a while
I have been looking for something fun or interesting to blog about because my life has been , lets say crazy and not my own lately
I have a little quize for you
No there isnt a prize if you get it right

I hope you play anyway

Can you guess who this is?

She could be a famous movie star on the set of some academy award winning movie
Just look at that smile!!
She looks like she’s very happy and having the time of her life
I’m guessing that it’s not the paprazzi taking her picture
She’s absolutely beautiful and no airbrushing
She could be a stunt double for this girl

Or even this actress

Oh I know... she could be a powerful business women on vacation in some far away hidden island that she paid millions for.... just to get away form the hustle and bustle of the New York Wall Street

She could be the secret lover of a CIA undercover Spy hidden away in the beautiful islands of @$%^&^&!$^%^& .y

I know for sure she is a

Friday, February 15, 2008

Perfect timing
my Sweetheart Swap package came on Saturday just as I was playing dress up with my 7 year old niece Emma. Emma and her mother, my sister Yvette where visiting for the day. My Mother came over to share in the fun. When the mail came with this little box addressed to me, I felt like a little girl on Valentines Day. Can you remember Valentines Day at school, when everyone went around the room dropping their cards into your beautifully decorated box? What made it even more fun was I had an audience to ooo and ahhh over all the simply sweet little pretties that Kathy stuffed into my beautifully handmade heart box. Thank you Kathy soooo much. I really had fun doing this swap and I can’t wait to sign up for an Easter Basket Swap.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hi All
Sorry, I’ve been out of pocket lately. What can I say, life’s a bitch. Let me explain, Tuesday Feb, 29 after spending the day working in my yard preparing to show our home to perspective buyers I received a call form my oldest son, breaking the news to me that he just lost his job. He was devastated to say the least. I won’t go into the details however I reminded him that he was a licensed professional and people are looking for someone like him all the time. After talking to him for awhile and finely getting him to understand that this job wasn’t the last good job around and God had a plan for him, there was another ring on the line. I said my good buys to Josh and answered the other call to hear
“Mrs. K. has anyone called you about your son Calum?” {Youngest son} By the sound of this ladies voice I know it was going to be bad. She proceed to tell me that my son was in a pole vaulting accident and has broken his ankle and is waiting for my permission to give treatment at a local hospital. Let me make this store as short as possible because I really don’t want to relive these last 9 day again in writing. Calum has a badly broken left leg {both bones} witch required emergency surgery. He has an eight inch metal plate and 10 screws that will permanently stay in his leg. We call him the bionic boy. It’s been a rough 9 days, but he is a champ and is doing very good for all that he has been through. On the other note Josh was accepted for a job position the day after losing his old job. Not bad for a young 22 year old. My middle son, Aaron has been a very supportive bother. The only trouble is I won’t let him leave the house out of fear that something might happen to him.

Today, we went to get the stitches out of Calums leg and put the hard cast on. It wasn’t as easy and pain free as we were told it would be. Let me just once again say that Calum is much stronger than I. I sat at his side with big tears running down my face and I thought I might pass out form holding my breath while the nurse stretched his Achilles to prepare for the cast. I’m not sure how meny staples there where but the Doctor thought about 35.

I have a lot of gruesome pictures of Calums journey; however I will spare you the gore.

Good friends Debbie and Mark

Calum and Grandpa Mario
Calum and Grandma
Learning how to use the crutches


Cute friends
This is what you would call a good friend, when they come to the hospital to watch the
Super Bowl with you.
Big brother watching over little brother
Calum with Coach Cash

I would like to thank all of the wonderful people that came to the hospital to show their love and concern for Calum and his recovery. Also thank you to the friends and family that have continued to cheer Calum on.
I personally want to thank my two best friends Tamaria {Mom} and Kim for being there for me.