Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy birthday
I couldn't’t find a card that put into words what I wanted to say...
so I made one for you.
Just like I did when I was a little girl but with spell check.
You are amazing, you are beautiful,
you are a generous sprite and you have a beautiful soul.
You have thought me everything I know about everything…
just by living your life.
I know how to give of myself to the people that need me the most
with out holding back.
I know how to love until it hurts…
I know how to not live in sham and be proud of my self
even when it looks like no one else is.
You thought me to keep on going even when the odes where against me
and rejoice in the small things in life.
I love you because you’re my Mother
but I love you even more because you’re my best friend.
You are always there for me even when I don’t want you to be…
you always have my back.
That’s the most comforting feeling a friend can give someone.
I have comfort in you.
You deserve so much more than a simple card on your birthday;
I wish I could give you everything you deserve
Today and always I give you my love and my friendship.

Happy Birthday Momma