Friday, July 31, 2009

Wednesday night fried chicken dinner
I had all the boy's and my one girl , home for dinner this week.
The night ended late because not everyone could get here at the same time.
Even though we couldn't eat at the same time I got to set down and see
my family enjoy my fried chicken.
I love watching my loved one eating and talking about their day.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christopher and I had a great day yesterday
Its to late in the summer to find a small plastic pool at the dollar store.
Even if I did find one I'm to fat to get into it with him
so a roast pan did the job nicely.
I was going to say Old but I remember
my grandma doing all kinds of things with
me when I was little.Christopher's not sitting up on his own yet
so it was hard to take pictures and keep him from snorkeling.

Nana's Butterball

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good morning Friends
Saturday, Superman and I ....
Yes I said Superman
{other wises known as my DH}
went out junking
He had the map and a list
of yard and garage sales to hit.
I usually look for the green and pink signs
and get lost until I get hungry are need to find a bathroom.
Not my man, he did his homework and made a list
with directions and everything.
The only bad thing about this is,
many people don't advertised there sales
therefor there where hundreds of sales we past by
because HE likes to stick to the plan.
Here are just a few of the things we found
Frying pan
{not for sale}
This will work great for Spanish rice or scalloped potatoes
White basket with wheels
{not for sale}
For Christopher toys
Beautiful handmade blanket
For Sale
{Shipping not included}

Vintage hand painted hamper
{Shipping not available, pickup only}

Tea Pot
{Shipping not included}
Candle Holder
{Shipping not included}
Flat ware
{Shipping not included}

Tea Cup
{Shipping no included}
sorry.... I'm keeping these cuties
As you can see we found some pretty good stuff
and yes we did go back to alot of the sales we passed up.
If your interested in any of the things for
resale you can find them at ...
505 W University Ave.
Georgetown, Tx 78626
{Hwy. 29 Exit off IH35}
Or if your not able to make it to the shop
just leave a comment on the post
leaving your e-mail address and
I'll see what we can do about getting it sent to you.
Until next time

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fabulous Finds

5.00 each

Yes I did the Dance

I cant believe it...
I finally broke down and got my self some crocs.
I broke my toe ....
... three times in one year
and it just doesn't want to heal
my doctor put a mini cast on the toe
and tolled me to get some crocs
to protect my tootsie's from accidents.
Anyone that knows me
knows that I love shoes!
Pretty shoes.
It took me three trips to the store
to actually buy them.
Lets just say, they arent the quietest shoes I own
but they are cumpffy.

Meet the new member of the family

Aaron came home with this very sick kitty and asked " Can I keep her?"
Aaron rescued Maximus from a very hot motor of a car. The car was parked in front of Smokey Moe's Bar B Q place where he works. The little kitty was barely alive when Aaron brought him home. Yes I said "Him" ... she is a he. Anyway I couldn't say no however Dad still says no even while he is sleeping on the sofa with Max in his arms. Max's whiskers where burned off in the heat,
but other than that he is all better

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's a Nana to do?
I shouldn't let him do this....right?
but loooook!
He is so peaceful
Okay... this is what I tolled his Mommy and Daddy
"Its a lot easier to take his benky away...rather than his thumb
sooo...don't let him suck on his thumb

I just didn't think it would be so hard to pull it out
It wasn't when it was my boys
What gives?
They where just as cute as this one...maybe not
Just kidding, Boys

I went looking for the same Benky that Aaron loved so much at this age
I found one very similar

He is not impressed
this is not going to be easy

Okay Okay....
Just don't tell your Mommy and Daddy
2008 Poco Bueno
Fishing Tournament,
Port Oconnor Texas
The DH and I went down to the Fishing Center on Saturday to check out what was being brought in for the wight in. Here is what we saw.

For more great fishing pictures go to
and check out what P.T. Riley has got to sure with you.