Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good morning Friends
Saturday, Superman and I ....
Yes I said Superman
{other wises known as my DH}
went out junking
He had the map and a list
of yard and garage sales to hit.
I usually look for the green and pink signs
and get lost until I get hungry are need to find a bathroom.
Not my man, he did his homework and made a list
with directions and everything.
The only bad thing about this is,
many people don't advertised there sales
therefor there where hundreds of sales we past by
because HE likes to stick to the plan.
Here are just a few of the things we found
Frying pan
{not for sale}
This will work great for Spanish rice or scalloped potatoes
White basket with wheels
{not for sale}
For Christopher toys
Beautiful handmade blanket
For Sale
{Shipping not included}

Vintage hand painted hamper
{Shipping not available, pickup only}

Tea Pot
{Shipping not included}
Candle Holder
{Shipping not included}
Flat ware
{Shipping not included}

Tea Cup
{Shipping no included}
sorry.... I'm keeping these cuties
As you can see we found some pretty good stuff
and yes we did go back to alot of the sales we passed up.
If your interested in any of the things for
resale you can find them at ...
505 W University Ave.
Georgetown, Tx 78626
{Hwy. 29 Exit off IH35}
Or if your not able to make it to the shop
just leave a comment on the post
leaving your e-mail address and
I'll see what we can do about getting it sent to you.
Until next time

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