Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hi Girlfriend
For my 100 post I wanted to do something really special,
after thinking about it for a while I realized that
I don’t really have anything special to say
I also realized that I don't recognize my self anymore.
Being a busy Mom of teenage boys and devoted wife
I seem to have lost my self along the way.
Its no ones fault but my own but I seem to give my all
to what ever comes along my path.
Most of the journeys that I have experienced lately
are result of family life and not journeys I have chosen for my self.
Come to think of it I haven’t chosen anything for my self lately
To spare my loved ones feeling
this is no ones fault but my own.
Maybe it’s the on sit of a new season that makes me feel like
cleaning out the old and bring in the new and fresh.
I’m not talking about my closet, however I did clean out my closet yesterday.
To my dismay, after weeding though and throwing out
what does not fit, out of style, or simply what was I thinking, peaces
I found my closet was completely empty.
That is how I am feeling today
This is not a bad thing!!
To me this means I get to fell up on thing I like and
things I choose to put into my life and nothing less will do.
Now the work begins
What makes me truly happy?
What challenges me to be the best I can be?
What makes me feel good about myself?
What are my passions in life?
What is the one most important thing
to accomplish in this season of my life?
I hope this post has not turned into a depressing one
because that was not my mission at all.
I hope the next 100 post will be a personal mission of self discovery.
If any of you Girlfriends have ever felt this way
or are in the middle of a new self discovery
please comment back with any good idles of where to BEGAN.