Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Days At Warrenton Anitque Show

Hello Dear Lovelies,
I have been wanting to get around to posting about my days at the Warrenton Antique Show but as you must know if you follow my blog, I'm a new Grandma {aka} Nana. Therefore my brain has turned into mush and all I can think about is Christopher my grandson. My apologies to those of you that I promised a feature post about your spot at the show. I have misplaced some of the cards I received from you guys. However I have hundreds of great pictures. All the vendors I met where just wonderful people and very grateful to be photographed. They all said that sales where a little down from the years past but where still anticipating a great sale. I hope you enjoy the pictures and sorry about not having any special features on the sweet lovely vendors I met while visiting Warrenton Texas.

Thats all folks
More pictures to come