Monday, January 12, 2009

We where in Port O'Conner this weekend
for our annual sausage making.
Don't ask what this is that DH has in his hands.
Trust Me
You don't what to know
It was a family event and Calum invited a friend to help.
{Thanks Marshal for all your help}I hope that my sweet Son realizes what a lucky man he is!
Leigh {Mommy to be} helped for the first time, she was great !
I cant believe she had the stomach for it, its not a easy job.
She never complained or groaned,
how ever we both didn't have a apatite for lunch
It was really nice and warm weather when we started and just in time a cool front came though and the temperature dropped about 30 degrees.The girls job was to tie the ends of the sausage,I usually do this on my own.
I cant tell you how much more enjoyable it was to have some one to help. We finally moved into the garage to get out of the wind.
GG { Great Grandma} and Papy showed up to help.

DH bagging up some Pan Sausage Smokin Time
Can you believe this Dog, He doesn't know that I'm watching Him.
He never touches the sausage.
This is the best invention

We bagged over 250 links of sausage

For super we BarBQed a Pork Roast
Its not burned, that's black pepper and brown sugar
NaNa{ that's Me}
Made some pies for the hungry group
We ended our evening with warm pie with ice cream
What a great ending to a great weekend.