Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hi everyone
I’m back form Indiana and I have soooo much to blog about and not enough time to do it all. First let me begin to say THANK YOU Kim, for letting me go along with you and the kids to Indiana. I feel blessed to have finely met your family and see where you grew up. I’ll just touch on the highlights of our trip. We traveled over 2400 miles round trip and 5 states. Once we got out of Texas the trip went pretty fast. We did find time to stop at a few garage sales, flea markets, and a tour of the Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. I have lots of pictures ,some good ,some not so good.
Hope you enjoy.
Flea Market StopMemphis The youngest running off some stored up energy
Can you tell that they are sooooo glad to be out of the car?Indiana

The world famous Schimpff's Candy store

I just had to try White Castle before going back to TexasKim's favorite place is Pizza King
The burgers came in this cute little box and smelled like onions

I must say I am a true TEXAS GIRL , I like my hamburgers with a pound of real BEEF and sooo BIG it takes both hands to pick it up.

The pizza was fantastic , it had a thin crust and a little on the salty side.
Not to greasy

On our way home


love julia