Friday, December 7, 2007

Honey I'm home

Hi Honey I’m home.

Yes I’m back from a glorious 4 day 3 nights get away in Sugar Land.
Kim and I went to the Holthouser resort for some rest and relaxation and let’s not forget shopping. Well it wasn’t a resort but just as good, Kim’s mom accommodated us with her beautiful home. The first day we shopped till we dropped and ate till we popped. Here are some pictures of our first day.

Believe it or not this is a salad. We started with lunch at Soup and Salad. Sorry, but I couldnt wait.By the time I thought about taking a picture it was gone.
I cant believe I ate the hole thing.

I cant even remember all the places we stoped to shop, but here are a few of the stops along the way.

Joyce and Kim

On day 3 we went to the new Wholefoods store in New Territory

I know, this pictures is alittle strange but the meat was beautiful and the price. OMG

We should not have eaten lunch, there was so much to sample.
Thats all for tonight. I'll post more tomorrow. Good night.