Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rain Rain Come My Way

We are doing a rain dance today, its a possibility that rain is coming our way.
It's been so long sense we've had rain I cant even remember the last time.
Lets just say my water bill will be pretty high this month.
Here are a few blooms around my yard. I cant wait to take pictures of the yard after rain.

 These are the pot I made the other day

 I've got radish's and lettuce  planted in them

 Almost ready for picking

I'm praying for rain.

Whats For Dinner?

Hi Everyone, I hope all of you guys are getting along beautifully.
We are doing great here in Paradise.
Donnie road his bike to the dock yesterday afternoon
and came back with dinner.
The shrimp were sooo fresh... they were jumping into the bag.

 We are trying to eat healthy  and as fresh as we can

 With grocery prices being to high
I'm trying to think of ways to use what we already have in our freezer.
I've had a trucky in there for at lest a takes up way to much room and I don't really know how long they last in the freezer. We already had a trucky dinner with all the trimmings , trucky sandwich's, trucky with cheese and crackers. Now its time for trucky pot pie....that's whats for dinner tonight.

 Whats for dinner in your home?