Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Living In The Pink

This weekend DH and I are going travel trailer shopping. We need a large trailer for the three of us to live in for about 8 months while we build our home. I’m not looking forward to this however I’m trying to find the humor in it all. Here are some of the trailers I could see myself staying in for a night or two.

Hay Ya’ll come and play with me
I came across this fun and beautiful blog the other day

It has a fun game for us Thriters
Anja at My ‘New Classic’ home

has created a challenge for us and I’m in

Starting April 9 until April 16

I’ll be visiting and posting about my favorite Thrift Shops

Any one can join just go to My ‘New Classis’ home and see how

Happy Shopping Everyone

Good Morning Friend
There has been a lot going on around here lately. Let me start with the real important stuff. I know all of you are awaiting the weekly weigh in results. 1.4 lbs I KNOW I KNOW, BIG DEAL RIGHT? Well I was hoping for a bigger loss than 1 FRECKEN POUND, but I guess it’s better than gaining a pound. When I was doing Weight Watchers three years ago I could drop 5 lbs the first week alone. Now that I’m 43 years old it’s so much harder. I’m not giving up I’ll do better this week , I’m going to bump up the walking pace and drink a little more water. I do feel much better now that I am walking regularly and not so dehydrated.
On another note
Sunday was the DINE BY DESIGN for A LADY'S NIGHT OUT that Kim invited me to attend. Let me just say WAY TO GO KIM! There where about 9 tables all beautifully decorated by their designer. I forgot to take pictures of the other tables after seeing Kim’s fabulous Shabby Chic place setting. I couldn't’t have added or taken anything from the table to make it any more beautiful. Kim hand made sweet slip covers out of vintage sheets and chenille bed spreads to make those cold ugly metal folding chairs girly. We enjoyed a lovely delouse meal served to us by the hostess's husband. HOW NICE the evening was felled with good conversation and good food.
Here are some pictures for your enjoyment
Each guest received a vintage salt and pepper set and their name place setting as a gift from the hostess
Thank You Kim

Sweet Endings

Wishing you a charmed day , Love Julia