Monday, November 23, 2009

New York Apparel

Hi All
I'm really starting to get excited about my trip to New York City
It is a trip of a life time for me and my dear friend Kim
I'll only be in New York for a total of three days
but I hear it gets pretty cold up there.
Ive been told to pack plenty LONG JOHNS
Here is what I have set aside for the trip so fare.
The big blue suit case is the one I'll check in and
the little orange one is my carry on.
HAY !!!
I can hear you....
Dont forget I'm a Texas Girl
I 'v gotta have my hair poducts.

I'm already thinking about changeing this one up abit...
maybe some black straght leg jeans and black high boots.

This is a vintage black coat...
I am saving this one for our night on the town
This is my dress for our Broadway Show night

My everyday walking coat...

This is all I have so far...

but I'm working on it everyday.