Monday, May 18, 2009

Project Saturday

After the great garage sales this weekend
my DH begged me " NO MORE STUFF"
at lest not until I sale some of this stuff. Well I got right on it,
I started pulling stuff out and
deciding what to keep and what to sellI am painting this 24.00 dresser from Good Well
I plan on using it as a tv stand in our living room
I am going to use the drawers to store cd's,
movies and pictures I know the DH asked why blue? also
I like this blue..... thats why

While I was work on the dresser my neighbor
asked if the other dressers where for sell.
I quoted her a price and away they went
Room for more stuff!!
I sanded the edges to make the
look a little destressed

I still need to make a trip to Lowe's
for a couple of drawer pulls
but I couldn't wait to show you
the finished project
What do you think?