Monday, September 20, 2010

Part 2 Of Our Trip To The Bahamas

Hi Friends

Here's a little picture story about The Captain's trip out to sea
He wanted to spear his own dinner and this is how it went down

That's the Captain hanging over the side of the boat

 Notice how he is trying to get on the boat as quickly as possible?

The winds were high and the waves where ruff
I was sitting on the deck taking pictures and really worried about my sweetie getting into trouble with the waves

 At times I even lost sight of the small boat
because of the waves

 He's not out there alone...
The master free diver is out there assisting the Captain in his dive
But where is he?

 Thank God there his is

Reassuring wave
just letting me know his is OK

I couldnt help myself

That was alot to go through for one Bug

The Captain  told me about the near death experience he had out there in the deep blue
He came face to face with a very large shark
Very large shark !!
9 foot or so
It startled him so he  made his way up to the surf and ran out of air before braking the waters surf
His heart rate was up and his legs where cramping
I think he will be alot more alert the next time he goes down

Blessed To Alive