Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's a Nana to do?
I shouldn't let him do this....right?
but loooook!
He is so peaceful
Okay... this is what I tolled his Mommy and Daddy
"Its a lot easier to take his benky away...rather than his thumb
sooo...don't let him suck on his thumb

I just didn't think it would be so hard to pull it out
It wasn't when it was my boys
What gives?
They where just as cute as this one...maybe not
Just kidding, Boys

I went looking for the same Benky that Aaron loved so much at this age
I found one very similar

He is not impressed
this is not going to be easy

Okay Okay....
Just don't tell your Mommy and Daddy
2008 Poco Bueno
Fishing Tournament,
Port Oconnor Texas
The DH and I went down to the Fishing Center on Saturday to check out what was being brought in for the wight in. Here is what we saw.

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