Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Are You Reading?

Good Morning Friends
Here's what I've been reading lately.
The Power Of A Praying Parent stays on my bed side, there is always something
to pray about when it comes to our children.
This is my 3rd copie, I wore out the others. LOL

I love this book!!!! I've red "Gift From The Sea" at least four times.

You can read it in a day

A Woman After God's Own Heart

is another book that stays with in arms reach.I havent started on "Bette" yet

SoonI picked these beautys up at Good Will Books
Texas Neighbors

Togther for Good

Light For My Path for Grandparents

What's on you night stand?

Just alittle note I will be out for about a week

I'm spending a week in POC

Just a little time to rebuild my sole

Blessed Julia

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bird Hunter

Good Morning Friends
Do you know a hunter?
Well my DH is a Happy Hunter.
He is a bow hunter looking for a good kill.
I know that sounds awful but thats what it is, he kills little sweet deer.
We use the deer meat all year long in our sausage and jerky.
We also make a great roast with all the veges and deer stew for a family feast.
It does cut down on the grocery bill and tastes great to.
Any way what I'm getting at is, a couple weeks ago we where in Port O Conner for the week end and I captured a picture of a real bird hunter.
This guy takes his hunting serious.

He was even happy to pose for my camera
Those poor little birdies don't have a chance
Will I hope this made you smile like it did me.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dare To Love

We've decided to take the Dare
My husband and I have been married for 25 years and in that time we have gone to at lest 10 bible based studies for couples.
Some where just for fun... you know a weekend tripe away from the kids with a purpose. Others were to grow our faith together. I found this book at Tagit the other day and thought to myself ... I think its time again to renew our goals and purpose as we are soon to be Grandparents. No I didn't buy the book right away, I first talked to my DH to see if he felt the same way. One thing we have in common is we are always up for a


You know ME

I like to make things fun, so I got note books for each of us that reflected our personality...DH just looked at me with this silly smile.

I wounder what he thinks of me...

I am like a 12 year old girl inside a 44 year old body

OH Well

On the back of the book it reads:

Unconditional Love is eagerly promised at weddings, but rarely practiced in real life. As a result, romantic hopes are often replaced with disappointment in the home. But it doesn't have to stay that way.

The Love Dare is a 40-day challenge for husbands and wives to understand and practice unconditional love. Whether your marriage is hanging by a thread or healthy and strong, The Love Dare is a journey you need to take. It's time to learn the keys to finding true intimacy and developing a dynamic marriage.

Take the dare!

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.-1 Corinthians 13:7-8

Nanas Shopping Again

Oh yes, I've been shopping again!
Looky at what Nana picked up today for Christopher
His Daddy really does ROCK!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Hi Friends,
As I promised ... here is my office
I really don't have an office...its just a little space I've reserved for my self. I did have a whole room when we first moved into the apartment however our middle Son moved back home and now it's his space. That's okay... I would much rather have him here than all that junk I kept in there. I believe you should always leave room in your nest for the people you love. My office is now a little corner in our bedroom. I don't really need an office because I don't pay the bills or craft any more. All I do is check my email and blog. However I have always had the need for a place to set and feel good about what ever it is I am doing at the time. Let me give you a little tour.....
Here IT is
If you know me by now... I love to share where and how much I paid for the STUFF I find
The Chair came from an Estate Sale--14.00
The desk came from someones trash pile--FREE
My friend{ Dell Laptop} pawn shop--150.00 I found this medical jar at a garage sale--1.00
On the bottom of this jar it reads, in blue
April 24,1941
I love this little bird pin cushion--.25cents
My sister in-law Debbie gave me the old crystal perfume jar
it is filled with safety pins
"Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself"
My Mom gave me the Shabby Chic lamp shade
The Pins are from Second Chance Thrift Store
1.00 each

The lady pen holder came from Good Will---1.00
This crystal perfume jar is filled with paper clips

The bulletin board is a old frame that I painted and stapled cork board on the back. This board helps to remind me that I am a creative soul when I want to be. The cute green mirror was a Christmas gift from my Mom. The mirror reminds me that I am beautiful in my own eyes.

All these things came from Good Will
The angle tells me... that when there are days that I don't love myself ...
SHE does
The letter holder is from Good Will--2.00
It holds recipes,pictures,magazine articles, and bible verses.

I love surrounding my self with things that have meaning and remind me of who I am.
Of course I love hand bags

The pink waste paper basket came form Good Will--1.00
Yes, even your trash should look pretty while its still in your home

I usually have tea in my cup or a strong cup of coffee
Scratch paper for my crazy ideas
I once read somewhere that
" The best way to have a good idea is have lots of ideas."
And of course I must have my phone at my side
Pink Razor {second hand}--50.00
I still haven't decided which photo to put in this beautiful frame
I keep this glitter jar within my view because it reminds me that even the ugliest things in life can be glittered and made beautiful again.

The old cash boxes hold greeting cards given to me from my family
I also love old black and white photos of my family
This picture is of Me and my little sister Anna
This old sewing draw came from Grandma Klesel's store

I love anything that looks like Diamonds

This little oak cabinet came from Grandpa Klesel, it houses CDs and camera stuff

Aunt Joy sent homemade cookies to me in this tin years ago and I haven't had the heart to return it.
It houses my sewing supplies
This litter is from our youngest Son. He gave it to me after his 8th grade graduation, it is really funny because he was and still is a very good and sweet young man. However he is saying he is sorry for being a bad boy and upsetting me. He goes on to say Thank You for being great parents and always being there for him. He even printed it on rose paper just for me. Later I learned it was a "SUCK UP" letter because He wanted to go to the 8th grade after party and he knew I would say NO

However after reading this letter I felt so bad for being so hard on him all these {12} years that I said "Yes , you can go to the party "
I should have known better after all he is my third Son and this wasn't my first "SUCK UP ATTEMPT"
Just in case my Sons are reading this:
Yes This Still Works
Bear Hugs
Kisses on the check
Cards and Letters
Any way I keep this letter just in case I don't get any more like it
Well that's my office...What does your office say about you
Or what does it say TO you
In His Arms,


Good morning Friends,

I was out and about yesterday... just checking out what's new in the stores. I picked up a few things for our bedroom. I found flannel sheets at Target for 19.99( Cal. King) not bad. I decided to go with the plaid print so my DH wouldnt feel like he was laying in a bed of flowers. I also bought a White Dueve for my old comforter. The old comforter is black paisley...its just not working for me any more and I cant afford to buy a new one.

The pink soft blanket is from TJ Max...29.99.You wouldn't believe how soft this blanket is....soooo snugly and warm...and my favorite colorI would like to paint the side lamps white and look for new lamp shades...may be in my next life. Since we're in this room looking around I might as well show you around. I bought the little white wicker side table at a garage sale last summer for 5.00 Both of the oil paintings are from Good Will for 3.00 apiece

I found this beautiful frame at TGMax...7.99 Love IT!!

The pretty hook was a Good Will find...1.99

I love everything on this little shelve!!

Most of these things were given to me form my Mom

Thank You Momma... you know just what I love.

I have a lot of little things

Pink Pitcher vase...Second Chance thrift shop....25 cents

Milk glass from Mom

Pink rose egg...Good Will...1.99Old bottles... Found in Grandma Pearls bone yard

Sweet little chubby Angle was a gift from my Step Dad

This is what it looks like on top of our TV cabinet
I want to paint the bird cage white and distress it with a very light blue
I'd love to paint the cabinet distressed white...but I don't think my DH would appreciate it as much as I would

Okay this isn't in my bedroom but it is in my closetI know this seems like a silly post but I wanted to get the images of the last post out of your heads. Sausage making isn't one of my favorite things to do but I'm kind of a neat freak and I know what kind of mess the guys would make with out me.

Next time I'll share my office space with you... my friends

Have a blessed day

Monday, January 12, 2009

We where in Port O'Conner this weekend
for our annual sausage making.
Don't ask what this is that DH has in his hands.
Trust Me
You don't what to know
It was a family event and Calum invited a friend to help.
{Thanks Marshal for all your help}I hope that my sweet Son realizes what a lucky man he is!
Leigh {Mommy to be} helped for the first time, she was great !
I cant believe she had the stomach for it, its not a easy job.
She never complained or groaned,
how ever we both didn't have a apatite for lunch
It was really nice and warm weather when we started and just in time a cool front came though and the temperature dropped about 30 degrees.The girls job was to tie the ends of the sausage,I usually do this on my own.
I cant tell you how much more enjoyable it was to have some one to help. We finally moved into the garage to get out of the wind.
GG { Great Grandma} and Papy showed up to help.

DH bagging up some Pan Sausage Smokin Time
Can you believe this Dog, He doesn't know that I'm watching Him.
He never touches the sausage.
This is the best invention

We bagged over 250 links of sausage

For super we BarBQed a Pork Roast
Its not burned, that's black pepper and brown sugar
NaNa{ that's Me}
Made some pies for the hungry group
We ended our evening with warm pie with ice cream
What a great ending to a great weekend.