Friday, January 16, 2009


Good morning Friends,

I was out and about yesterday... just checking out what's new in the stores. I picked up a few things for our bedroom. I found flannel sheets at Target for 19.99( Cal. King) not bad. I decided to go with the plaid print so my DH wouldnt feel like he was laying in a bed of flowers. I also bought a White Dueve for my old comforter. The old comforter is black paisley...its just not working for me any more and I cant afford to buy a new one.

The pink soft blanket is from TJ Max...29.99.You wouldn't believe how soft this blanket is....soooo snugly and warm...and my favorite colorI would like to paint the side lamps white and look for new lamp shades...may be in my next life. Since we're in this room looking around I might as well show you around. I bought the little white wicker side table at a garage sale last summer for 5.00 Both of the oil paintings are from Good Will for 3.00 apiece

I found this beautiful frame at TGMax...7.99 Love IT!!

The pretty hook was a Good Will find...1.99

I love everything on this little shelve!!

Most of these things were given to me form my Mom

Thank You Momma... you know just what I love.

I have a lot of little things

Pink Pitcher vase...Second Chance thrift shop....25 cents

Milk glass from Mom

Pink rose egg...Good Will...1.99Old bottles... Found in Grandma Pearls bone yard

Sweet little chubby Angle was a gift from my Step Dad

This is what it looks like on top of our TV cabinet
I want to paint the bird cage white and distress it with a very light blue
I'd love to paint the cabinet distressed white...but I don't think my DH would appreciate it as much as I would

Okay this isn't in my bedroom but it is in my closetI know this seems like a silly post but I wanted to get the images of the last post out of your heads. Sausage making isn't one of my favorite things to do but I'm kind of a neat freak and I know what kind of mess the guys would make with out me.

Next time I'll share my office space with you... my friends

Have a blessed day

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