Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day Dreams

Well, graduation is less than four weeks away and I have been putting the finishing touches on the Senior’s scrapbook. We took pictures this Monday and I’ve got the invitations sent off. Baccalaureate is on May 4 and next Monday I’ll look for a dress and shoes for the services. It seems like I’m on top of all of the preparations. Just one thing.... this incredibly sad feeling is starting to come over me. It comes out of no where and then WAM!! I’m in tears. I’ve been so wrapped up in the planning that I just now am beginning to realize that my baby is about to leave home. This is my second time to send a boy into the world to become a Man, when my first son left home I was hell to live with. I really want to hold it together until after graduation and then maybe I’ll be to busy with the move to feel the full brunt of the boys leaving. Going through his baby pictures is what started the warm feeling in my heart and the tears just started flowing. I can remember.... like it was just yesterday, scooping him out of the bath tub, dripping wet, covered in bubbles and wrapping him so tight in a warm tarry bath towel. He would try to wiggle out form my arms and I would just hold him tighter and laugh and say you’re my bug in a rug. Its memories like this that seem to be finding their way into my day dreams lately. It wasn’t to long ago when he was building skate boards and mini bikes in the garage and now he’s changing the oil on his little red sports car. For all of you Moms that have already been though this before you would probably agree that it seems like it all went buy to fast. For all of you Moms that are still scooping your little ones out of the bath tub, hold on to them a little longer tonight for me.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I hope all of you sweet friends had a bright weekend!!!! Friday was the usual FABULUSE FINDS FRIDAY, sorry no real good pictures of Friday because the day just flue by. Saturday, we went to my DH's family reunion and enjoyed some really good home cooking. There were lots of relatives we haven’t seen in years and even dancing. On Sunday the DH and I took a trip to Austin to look at a car for the baby. The car turned out to be stolen, can you believe that? We found it on Crags list, thank goodness my man knows how to deal with these things because if it where up to me, I would be driving a stolen car with a big smile on my face thinking all is will. Girls just let me tell you PLEASE be careful when it comes to Crags list. Anyway we didn’t want to waste the trip, so we went to Congress Street to see what was going on in the world of music and freaks. The afternoon was wonderful; the weather was warm and plenty of live music to enjoy. We got a bit to eat at a Japanese place and sat out on the side walk and watch the parade of VERY INTERRESTING PEOPLE walking by. That’s all for now folks, hope you have a full and productive week.

Charmed , Julia

Dancing Cousins
O its soooo good to see you!! Cup cakes on Congress

Great place on Congress

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hi everyone
I’m back form Indiana and I have soooo much to blog about and not enough time to do it all. First let me begin to say THANK YOU Kim, for letting me go along with you and the kids to Indiana. I feel blessed to have finely met your family and see where you grew up. I’ll just touch on the highlights of our trip. We traveled over 2400 miles round trip and 5 states. Once we got out of Texas the trip went pretty fast. We did find time to stop at a few garage sales, flea markets, and a tour of the Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. I have lots of pictures ,some good ,some not so good.
Hope you enjoy.
Flea Market StopMemphis The youngest running off some stored up energy
Can you tell that they are sooooo glad to be out of the car?Indiana

The world famous Schimpff's Candy store

I just had to try White Castle before going back to TexasKim's favorite place is Pizza King
The burgers came in this cute little box and smelled like onions

I must say I am a true TEXAS GIRL , I like my hamburgers with a pound of real BEEF and sooo BIG it takes both hands to pick it up.

The pizza was fantastic , it had a thin crust and a little on the salty side.
Not to greasy

On our way home


love julia