Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I hope all of you sweet friends had a bright weekend!!!! Friday was the usual FABULUSE FINDS FRIDAY, sorry no real good pictures of Friday because the day just flue by. Saturday, we went to my DH's family reunion and enjoyed some really good home cooking. There were lots of relatives we haven’t seen in years and even dancing. On Sunday the DH and I took a trip to Austin to look at a car for the baby. The car turned out to be stolen, can you believe that? We found it on Crags list, thank goodness my man knows how to deal with these things because if it where up to me, I would be driving a stolen car with a big smile on my face thinking all is will. Girls just let me tell you PLEASE be careful when it comes to Crags list. Anyway we didn’t want to waste the trip, so we went to Congress Street to see what was going on in the world of music and freaks. The afternoon was wonderful; the weather was warm and plenty of live music to enjoy. We got a bit to eat at a Japanese place and sat out on the side walk and watch the parade of VERY INTERRESTING PEOPLE walking by. That’s all for now folks, hope you have a full and productive week.

Charmed , Julia

Dancing Cousins
O its soooo good to see you!! Cup cakes on Congress

Great place on Congress

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Karen Andrews said...

Welcome to HCCSa in the fall. If you need any info, I can help you. I see you like cameras too. That is my profession and I have a passion for pictures too. You'll love austin with all the bluebonnets and pretty scenery to shoot. Karen (justin's mom - entering 11th), (we have others too, Josh entering 10th and Jordan entering 5th).