Saturday, June 28, 2008


Meet Super Hero "E"
He saved this sweet little bunny from certain death
Bella and Yachty { golden retriever and Schnauzer} where smacking their lips at just the thought of this little bunny on the barbey
We all wanted to hear the little ones heart beatSuper Hero "E" took his skate board and red buckit down the street to a safe field to set the little one go

My 9 year old Super Hero

What a smile

Happy Friday!!!

The Friday Girls were out and about yesterday.
Cynthia and Lupe joined in on the fun and there where smiles on all of our silly faces.
We started off at our usual spot
( Second Chance) and had lunch in Fayetteville
I haven't had the chance to take pictures of my finds, I'll save that for later.
Mother and daughter think alike
Mom and I didn't shop side by side and we even checked out at different times. Some how we found two of a kind make up bags and showed up at the car with big smiles.

When we are together we have soooo much fun we often forget where we are and that there might be others watching us.After lunch we found a new shop called
Suzie Q's Antiques
106 N. Live St.
Fayetteville Tx. 78940
Like I said , We often forget who is watching
Best Friends Forever
Have a fun filled weekend
Love Ya Julia

Sisters Weekend

We started our weekend with the traditional stripping of all our makeup and grocery shopping for a "in house" late dinner. We watched a chick fleck ( p.s. I love you) and ate ice cream and cookies. This is something my sisters and I have done since I first moved away form home. Its very important to us to have this time together (alone). We catch up on each others lives and share secrets that only a sister should know. We believe that as busy women and mothers life has a way of separating us and stealing our sister hood. We made a promise when we where little girls that we would never let that happen and for that reason we made a pledge to have a sisters weekend once a year. The secrets I cannot tell you but I can share the pictures.
We agreed that the only picture worthy thing about us at this point in the weekend were our feet. hehehehe
Yvette ( baby sister)and Me

Anna ( middle sister ) and Me

chicken scratch

Yada realy enjoyed the movie
Some fun in the sun Cooken up some fun in the kitchen

This is what girls eat with out men CARBS!!!
I hope if you are lucky enough to have sisters, you make a point to have a sister weekend
Being close is something that does not always happen naturally , You have to make a point!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Finds

Okay Dear Friends this has to be a quick post because my Sisters are on their way over to my place as I write. We are having our annual Sisters Weekend. Wohoo!!! I got out of the house around 7:45 this morning and went by to pick up Leigh and Yvette and off we went. Here are some pics of my finds for today.

Canisters 10.00

Beer Lights 25.00 ( For my Dad)

Patio Table 6.00 ( Good Will)

Oil Painting 3.00 (Good Will)

Magazine Rack 3.00

Love All Of You
Have A Happy Weekend

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hi Friends
The last few days have just flown by so quickly. Monday my sweet little sister brought the children by for a visit and a splash in the pool.


Tuesday I cleaned house and more unpacking. Kim asked for some pictures of the apartment so here it is. I’m not ready to show the whole place. More pictures to come after I’m done unpacking.
After work Donnie picked up his fathers day gift to himself.

Thank you Kim for the old chip pitcherThe window came for Kim's home
Thank you for this too
Wednesday I went to Schulenburg to pick up my Mother In-law for a doctors appointment scheduled for Thursday. She is has a appointment at the Austin Heart Hospital on Thursday for an die test and possible stint. I also had a little yard work to do at the house and more boxes to bring to the apartment. Kim was so sweet to serve lunch to Mom and I while I was in town. She really knows how to make sandwiches special.

My patio has turned into the project station
The little oak disk was a FREE criglist find. I think I'll paint it white and use it as a side table in the Shabby Chic Bed room.
Since Grandma was in town we had the boys over for supper last night.We love Grandma so much, we pray that everything will go well at the doctors today.
Today I met with Janey for lunch at Fuddruckers. We have been communicating though e-mail for a while. She is the mother of Zack, one of the boys Calum will be going to school with this year. We all hit it off wonderfully and she invited Calum and me to their home for a visit. Thank you for a joyful afternoon, your home is simply beautiful and I especially love Alivia’s room. Alivia’s room is done in the Shabby Chic Style. O so Me
I really need a haircut and color soon!!
Truly Blessed