Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Friday!!!

The Friday Girls were out and about yesterday.
Cynthia and Lupe joined in on the fun and there where smiles on all of our silly faces.
We started off at our usual spot
( Second Chance) and had lunch in Fayetteville
I haven't had the chance to take pictures of my finds, I'll save that for later.
Mother and daughter think alike
Mom and I didn't shop side by side and we even checked out at different times. Some how we found two of a kind make up bags and showed up at the car with big smiles.

When we are together we have soooo much fun we often forget where we are and that there might be others watching us.After lunch we found a new shop called
Suzie Q's Antiques
106 N. Live St.
Fayetteville Tx. 78940
Like I said , We often forget who is watching
Best Friends Forever
Have a fun filled weekend
Love Ya Julia

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Kim said...

Thanks for being my friend and giving me such sweet relief from reality!