Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sisters Weekend

We started our weekend with the traditional stripping of all our makeup and grocery shopping for a "in house" late dinner. We watched a chick fleck ( p.s. I love you) and ate ice cream and cookies. This is something my sisters and I have done since I first moved away form home. Its very important to us to have this time together (alone). We catch up on each others lives and share secrets that only a sister should know. We believe that as busy women and mothers life has a way of separating us and stealing our sister hood. We made a promise when we where little girls that we would never let that happen and for that reason we made a pledge to have a sisters weekend once a year. The secrets I cannot tell you but I can share the pictures.
We agreed that the only picture worthy thing about us at this point in the weekend were our feet. hehehehe
Yvette ( baby sister)and Me

Anna ( middle sister ) and Me

chicken scratch

Yada realy enjoyed the movie
Some fun in the sun Cooken up some fun in the kitchen

This is what girls eat with out men CARBS!!!
I hope if you are lucky enough to have sisters, you make a point to have a sister weekend
Being close is something that does not always happen naturally , You have to make a point!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm blessed to have such great sisters! Love you!